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  • Powerful
    Units-Driven Model
    UnitsPro was built with a units-based architecture from the ground
    up. This takes all the guess work out of the estimating process and
    provides unmatched visibility into your projects.

    UnitsPro is flexible and supports time-based
    (labor & equipment) and units-based
    job management.
  • UnitsPro Integration
    While UnitsPro has powerful built-in functionality to manage the entire
    lifecycle of your projects, it also integrates with software such as
    Microsoft Project for scheduling, Viewpoint for accounting , and
    virtually any database-driven or web-service enabled software.
  • UnitsPro

    Utility Work Management Software Solutions

UnitsPro is a fully-integrated, lifecycle software solution to manage utility projects from design through construction and capitalization. UnitsPro utilizes the utility’s base assembly units from their design manuals to create internal estimates workgroups leverage to quickly provide consistent, accurate, value-added estimates.

"The future of the future is to automate the automated" --Mark Cuban